last update: September 20th, 2019

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Here is the result of many hours work on my new website and I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back again to see more.

Please contact me for information, and certainly when you are a collector of bowling pins, or in case you have bowling pins to sell or trade.

From this page you can go to my new arrivals (+16 pins added in August and +24 in September, 2019), pins due soon, for sale or wanted, other items and a special page for Sir Bowmore!
You can go to the contact page or go see truly fantastic pin collections!

Hans Sommer
Zeddam, The Netherlands
bowlingaddict.nl is online since August 8th, 2019

John Hardman found this article about Pins Approved by ABC in a 1966 Bowling magazine

500 pins in my collection in May 2019

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5 YouTube video's:
How bowling pins are made
USBC pin approval process
1948 Brunswick promo

Twister synthetic pins
Bowling is sadistic!
Have fun!

Making a bowling pin