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Dear visitor,

Here is the result of many hours work on my new website and I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back again to see more.

Please contact me for information, and certainly when you are a collector of bowling pins, or in case you have bowling pins to sell or trade.

From this page you can go to my new arrivals (+20 pins added in October and +10 pins added in September), pins due soon, for sale or wanted, other items and a special page for Sir Bowmore! You can go to the contact page or go see truly fantastic pin collections!

NEW: my sidekick and special tribute collection of Number 14 Pool Balls! 201 in my collection now and 29 due soon.

Hans Sommer

Zeddam, The Netherlands

bowlingaddict.nl is online since 08-aug-2019

John Hardman found this article about Pins Approved by ABC in a 1966 Bowling magazine

600 pins in my collection in November 2019

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5 YouTube video's:
How bowling pins are made
USBC pin approval process
1948 Brunswick promo

Twister synthetic pins
Bowling is sadistic!
Have fun!

Making a bowling pin